Unfortunately, the production of quality products is rare today, most of the pigments on the market contain heavy metals, which turn into orange-red colour in a very short time (this kind of production is the cheapest). With our pigments, this is impossible because they do not contain any ingredient that could cause this. In the video below, you can see how the pigment reacts with iron oxide and heavy metals in contact with a regular magnet.

In the first case, we can see that the entire bottle is applied to the magnet, but in the second case, we see how the pigment rises from the surface, and when it touches the magnet, it becomes completely orange in a few minutes – this result can, of course, be expected over time on our eyebrows.

When we do the same experiment with our pigment, we can see that the pigment does not move an inch, which is practically impossible.

As service providers, you have a great responsibility to use only products of the highest quality, and the worst possible outcome that you can image is that, for example, over a year or two the client comes back to you with inappropriate shades of eyebrows. It is true that the quality pigment filling costs a bit more, but it is also necessary to know that during the process this pigment does not dry out, so it does not need to be added and one drop is sufficient for the entire procedure- the final calculation shows that expenses are the same or even lower.

We process only synthetic pigments with the guaranteed raw material quality according to the ResAP 2008)1 and perform testing with the help of independent accredited laboratories. The optimal size of pigment lumps is 2qm. Our pigments are optimised according to the size of the pigment. We thus achieve a high density of pigment, colour stability and maximum entry of pigment into the skin.

Our Elite Microblading pigments meet the requirements of ResAP (2008)1, the ruling of 21/12/2012 and the new pharmaceutical regulation from 04/2013 concerning nickel. Furthermore, every pigment raw material is tested on possible contamination by independent accredited laboratories. We guarantee that all Elite Microblading pigments are made of high-purity raw materials, are run through production processes like mixed under vacuum and sterilized with gamma rays. Our Elite Microblading pigments do not contain any preservatives to avoid allergies. We only use pigments whose raw material quality is guaranteed on ResAP (2008)1.

Elite microblading pigments  don’t contain iron oxides, dangerous Azo dyes, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons = PAH, forbidden heavy metal, dangerous aromatic amines including NDELA = N-nitrosodiethanolamine.