Beginners Course (w/o support & starter-kit)

This course is perfect for all beginners that already have some knowledge and confidence to be able to break through all lessons on their own, but may need some additional knowledge and information or advice that they have not yet mastered.

490.00 VAT incl.
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Refresher Course (6 months support, w/o starter-kit)

Are you making initial mistakes and you are not convinced of your work? Or have you attended course, gave up on microblading for some time or are just stuck and want to renew your knowledge? If the answer to both questions is yes this is the best course for you.

790.00 VAT incl.
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Beginners Course (12 months support, with starter-kit)

New to microblading? No worries! You do not need any prior experience; all we ask for is enthusiasm, commitment, and a desire to learn.

1,250.00 VAT incl.
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Advanced online Microblading training

If you have already completed a microblading beginners course at any microblading academy and want to advance your microblading skills to a new level, this is the right course for you. You will learn hyper-realism, shading and the combination of the two.

790.00 VAT incl.
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