If the client is accustomed to drawing her eyebrows with a pencil or has very strong and dark eyebrows by nature, then the intensity of the pigment will not be a problem for her. The thinner the hair and light skin, the greater the contrast when the microblading process is finished, and the greater the chance that the client will be in shock.

Let us see how the eyebrows will fade:

The first day they are very dark, but it is not special if they appear even darker the second day. You know black pudding? We know that it is almost black because it contains a lot of blood. This is also the reason that eyebrows may appear darker on the second day, as the pigment blends with blood and plasma and oxidises.

After approx. In approx. 4-6 days, the old damaged skin will peel off, the skin will be thin, a new layer of skin will cover the eyebrows and many clients may think that this is the end result, since the eyebrows are apparently healed. It is important to know that our skin regenerates approx. 28 days, so we will see the final result after that time. During healing, the epidermis layers of the skin collects, and then exfoliates dead skin cells as new cells are produced. As the skin cells are exfoliated, the tiny particles of the pigment that are trapped in the epidermis are also discarded.

We will see the final result only after the complete skin regeneration process is complete (after about 28 days).

So, don’t panic – THEY WILL lighten up!