Microblading is not as easy as it looks. If you look at a video on YouTube, it actually looks like we just make a couple of lines and we already have beautiful eyebrows that will last for several years. Unfortunately, this is not true – microblading is a manual tattooing method, which means that as a microblading artist, we bear a lot of responsibility as we tattoo a client’s face and the result of our work will be seen for the next few years. We also have to be aware of the fact that the client wears our product on their face and it is much more difficult to cover this area than other parts of the body, which we can cover with clothes.

It is exactly for this reason that it is very important that we start microblading on the models only after our work on the artificial skin is perfect. We cannot allow ourselves any mistakes – no client would like to have her face disfigured, and of course we should not allow poor performance to mark us and prevents us from having a successful career. Microblading has been a major trend in recent years, it has taken the world by storm and everyone wants to have perfect eyebrows – unfortunately, too many people do not to microblading with passion, but see microblading as a quick source of income. You must be aware that a good result will require many hours of practice, sleepless nights, ups and downs.

It is the same as if you want to get your body in shape – if you are committed and go to fitness 5 times a week, you can expect good results in three months, but if you go to fitness once a week (and not actually exercise very hard), no progress will be seen.. It is the same with everything in life – if we invest our time and effort, this is returned to us. The more you practice, the better you will be – if your work is exceptional, you will not need to worry about where you will get clients, as they will be willing to pay a high price and travel from distant places for a good result.

Unfortunately, we can only give you the knowledge; and you will have to get the experience yourself. If there would be a miraculous device that could give you all those years of our experience – we would give them to you, but unfortunately this is not possible and you will have to get the experience yourself. Remember when you sat in your car for the first time in your life: you had to think of a clutch, guides, intersections, gears … it seemed impossible. Today, you drive with one hand, besides eating, talking on your phone, and you do not even notice crossings and – like microblading, if you insist and invest your time, it gets easier and easier, and your work will be an example to others and it will become your pride.

But, if, in addition to all this, you take this business seriously, you can write the most successful story of your life. We hope that we will be part of your successful story as well.